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Russian TV confirmed that the results are fake. Real Eurovision results! IRELAND are 3rd with 50,314 votes!!! It is true! REBLOG EVERYONE!

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Anonymous asked: Are you going to meet up with that Sophie girl in dublin, steer well clear of her!?!?!

Yeah we are! 

Anonymous asked: When are you travelling to Ireland and what dates?

June 21st, no dates so far! 

Anonymous asked: What do you think of all this Eurovision drama?

BULLSHIT! So what if there was something wrong with the votes? Build a bridge and get over it please. It’s not like they’ll ask everyone to travel back to Baku just so that they can do it all over again. Everyone’s acting so childish against each other. I can’t believe this thing made best friends split up…

Anonymous asked: WE WON!!!!!!! Gonna rub it in everyone's faces.

Haha yeah Eurovision next year will be amazing! 

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